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Are you looking to try a class but don’t want to commit to a full session? Are you looking for specific instruction on a particular topic? Starland offers one-time workshops for students of all ages. Whether you are interested in an intense choreography workshop or a Playdough Monster Mash, we are adding new workshops all the time that meet a variety of interest levels. Please check periodically to see our exciting new additions. Enroll online or call us at 847-914-9100 for more information and to register.

Selling a Song: A workshop for improving auditions and solo performances

A great singer knows that performance is about more than words and notes; you have to evoke a feeling in your audience. In this workshop singers will be asked to perform a song of their choice and will get verbal and written feedback. After everyone has had a chance to perform, we will have a round-circle discussion of what worked and why. An abbreviated voice lessons follows to help young singers engage their minds and bodies in the singing process. The course culminates in each singer re-performing using the tools they learned in the lesson. Participants go home with a voice lesson packet and a list of recommended songs hand-chosen for their voice by the instructor.

This workshop is for students in 3rd grade and up.

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Mystery Box: A Maker’s Challenge

This 2 hour workshop for children ages 7-10 will encourage budding “makers” to design and build simple projects from new and recycled materials. We will stretch our imaginations as we investigate materials, explore ideas and challenge our building skills. Each workshop will include one main design challenge and a mini mystery challenge. Join us as we think, invent and create! Children are encouraged to bring their Dad to come play along. December’s main design challenge: Angry Birds Catapults

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