Dance Company

The Starland Dance Company is designed to give dancers, 1st grade and up, the chance to perform at area locations (past locations have included Lincoln Park Zoo, Northbrook Court, and more) and 3rd grade and up the chance to perform AND COMPETE! At Starland we provide high quality training in a fun environment that doesn’t require students to give up all other activities.


Performance Teams

Performance Teams are a non-compete team experience which give a dancer the opportunity to perform in public arenas without the pressure of competition and judgement. Performance teams are a perfect platform for your dancer to find and explore their inner performer while they hone their technical skills.

Prep Teams

Prep Teams are teams that perform at events with the Performance Teams along with the experience of a competition at the end of the season. Prep teams will compete at least once at the end of the season. Prep teams are a great transition team for your dancer to perform and experience the competitive side of dance.

Compete Teams

Compete teams are a competitive team experience which gives a dancer the opportunity to compete in multiple competitions against tri-state area teams. Compete teams are a serious commitment that allows the dancer to perfect their craft.

CORE Teams

CORE teams are teams that meet multiple times a week to prepare for competitions throughout the year. It is for the dancer that is dedicated to their craft. CORE team members meet to study, train, and practice in multiple styles of dance. CORE team members compete at competitions against Tri-state area teams.

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Starland Dance Company is a commitment from September through June. For additional information about the Starland Dance Company program, please call 847-914-9100.

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