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Kindergarten Adventure News 9/26/17

Dear Families,
We continued with our “All About Me” theme this week. Since our names are an important part of who we are, we practiced writing our name using different sizes and types of letters. It was fun to work on our name puzzles, but it was even more challenging to put together our friend’s name puzzles. We read the book, Chrysanthemum and created letter grids for our names. We counted the letters in our names and compared quantities of more and less. Who had the longest name? Who had the shortest name?. We took examined the September calendar and completed a September page. In Spanish, we learned about the color, red and how to say “My name is____”, “Me llamo _____” . We also met our Spanish mascot, Juanito the sheep puppet. The favorite of the day was the game, “Sock It to Me”! What can your child tell you about this silly game?
Have a great weekend!

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