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Tips for Actors – Memorization!

One of the hardest things for young actors is MEMORIZATION!

Some actors feel they have fallen behind due to missing class or just want a little extra help. Any actor or any age can use these tips and tricks to improve their memorization.


  1. “Can you tell me the story of each scene?” Talking through what happens in each part of the story helps actors really understand how their lines fit.
  2.  Read each scene (every line from every character) out loud 3 times.
  3.  Have a parent/friend do every line *except* yours
  4.  Timed! Do a scene with a stop watch. Repeat 3-5 times, each time trying to beat your time!
  5.  Do the above tips EVERY NIGHT until your next rehearsal.
  6.  Bask in the glory of being the most memorized kid in class. 
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